Staff Council

Principal In Chair : Dr Pratyush Vatsala
Staff Council Secretary : Ms. Pramila

1. There shall be a Staff Council in every college.

2. All the members of the teaching staff, the Librarian and the Director of Physical Education Shall constitute the Staff Council.

3. Subject to the provisions of the Act, the Statutes and the Ordinances of the University, the Principal shall act as Principal-in-Council in respect of matters on which Staff Council is required to take decisions.

4. (4-a) The Principal shall be ex-officio Chairman of the Staff Council.

    (4-b) The Council shall elect its Secretary, who shall hold office for a term of one year. The Secretary may be re-elected for a second term but no person shall hold office of Secretary for more than two consecutive terms.

5. (5-a) Subject to the provisions of the Act, the Statutes and the Ordinance of the University, the Staff Council shall take decisions in respect of the following 

1. Preparation of College Time-table.

2. Allocation of Extra-curricular work of teachers not involving payment of remuneration.

3. Organising extra-curricular activities, including cultural activities of students, sports, games, National Service Scheme and other social 

services schemes and academic societies.

4. Laying down guidelines for purchase of library books and laboratory equipment in consultation with the appropriate departments.

5. Organising admission of student.

(5-b) Subject to the provisions of the Act, the Statutes and the Ordinances of the University, the Staff Council shall make recommendations ordinances of the University, the Staff Council shall make recommendations in respect of the following matters: 

6. Formulation of recommendations on introduction of new teaching posts in the departments and expansion of the existing 

7. Formulation of admission policy within the framework of the policy laid down by the University;

8. Formulation of guide-lines regarding arrangements for the residence and welfare of students in consultation with appropriate students’ organizations;

9. Formulation of guide-lines regarding discipline of the students;

10. Formulation of policies for recommending names of teachers for participation in seminars and conferences and financial assistance 

to teachers.

6. (6-a) The Staff Council shall function through Committees appointed by the Council. Ordinarily (i) no person shall be members of more than two Committees at a time; (ii) no person shall hold office as a member of a Committee for more than two consecutive terms.

(6-b) The Principal shall have the right to be present and to speak at any meeting of any Committee.

(6-c) Each Committee shall have a Convenor appointed by the Staff Council, who shall convene the meetings of the Committee, and the minutes of the meetings shall be prepared and maintained by him.

(6-d) The decisions of the Committee shall be reported to the subsequent meeting of the Staff Council for ratification, wherever necessary.

(6-e) The Principal shall implement all decisions of the Staff Council. If, in the opinion of the Principal, whoever, an emergency has arisen which requires that immediate action should be taken, the Principal shall take such action as he deems necessary and shall report the same to the next of the Staff Council for confirmation. 

7. The roles relating to the conduct of meetings of the Staff Council shall be in accordance with the Regulations laid down in this behalf.