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       India, one of the oldest civilizations has a tradition of rich and unique system of education handed over from one generation to another. The teacher and the student, placed in the system, evaluated each other, without any fear and further enriched the Teaching-Learning paradigm registering a substantial contribution to the knowledge economy. The process of acquiring knowledge was based on joint efforts of teachers and students. The students were known by the performance of their teachers and teachers were known vice versa. The teachers and students, while working together created a symphony and consequently a peaceful world, for which they aspired. The purpose of Education was to help a person to grow his consciousness and reach higher levels of inquiry, turning inside and to connect with higher consciousness for liberation of the soul.

     Lakshmibai College strives to prepare well rounded and grounded individuals, who are ready to face the challenges of life and prove themselves like Lakshmibai, the legendary queen. As our college is committed to the development of individuals at all levels of existence, we have taken many new initiatives like Earn while You Learn, Peer Counselling, Clean & Green Mission, Waste Recycling Unit, Add on Courses in 2D, 3D and Still Animation Design, Radio and TV Journalism, Foreign Languages, Communication and Personality Development, Students Council, Open Gym, Skill Centre, Health and Wellness Centre with a Meditation Hall and Counselling facilities apart from regular activities, to address to the needs of students. The college aims at fostering social responsibility and citizenship among youth by providing holistic education with a modest infrastructure and all kinds of learner’s support facilities to address their intellectual, emotional and financial needs. Lakshmibai College Mobile App, which is available on App Store, serves as a direct communication platform between students and college authorities to work out dynamic solutions for the problems of campus life.

  Ultimately, the teachers and students together owe the responsibility to make this world a better place to live, not only with the help of material achievements and advancements but also with emotional and spiritual growth and development to contribute to the sustainable development of the world for the generations to come.

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