Student Projects/Seminars/Webinars

Young Researchers' Forum
 Title of the Research Project 
 Health Insurance Literacy Among the Underprivileged View Report
 Cooperative Federalism and Evolving Centre-State Relationship in India View Report
 Sex Work Industry of G.B.Road: The Dark Side of the Gleaming Road View Report
 Natural dyes Project View Report
 Preserved Products From Organic Produce in the Campus: A Feasibility Study View Report
 Student Politics in India: A Study of Delhi University Student Union View Report
 Development of Patterns from Nature through Contact Dyeing/Printing View Report
Impact of Corona Epidemic on Education  View Report
 The Environmental Impact of our Food Habits View Report

Students' Project
Student Group Health Insurance in Colleges- Issues and Challenges View
Sustainable Initiatives during Covid-19 and Beyond
 View Report
Nutribite View Report
Design Studio View Report