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List of Scholarships

1. Scholarship scheme (National Fund) for the year 2014-15 from NHFDC. 
2. Post matric Scholarship for the year 2015-16 for the welfare of SC/ST/OBC/Minorities Student from Scholarship Cell, University of Delhi.  
3. Delhi University Scholarship for the Academic year 2015-16. 
4. All India Entrance Scholarship Examination-2015, University of Delhi. 
5. Grant of Financial Assistance out of Vice-Chancellor’s Student Fund for the Academic year 2015-16, University of Delhi. 
6. Scholarship for “ Yuva Nirman Scheme” under the Delhi Higher Education Aid Trust for the Academic year 2014-15, Scholarship Cell, University of Delhi. 
7. “ Post Matric Scholarship” for SC & OBC students for the year 2015-16, Scholarship Cell, University of Delhi. 
8. “Marga Schulze Merit Scholarships for Visually Impaired Girls” from All India Confederation of the Blind.

The college has offered fee concession in the academic year 2015-16 from Dr. Kaushalya Verma’s donation for needy students.

List of Prizes 

1. Miss C.K. Kausukutty & Dr.(MS) Kaushik Award for all round Best student for the year 
2. Smt. Savitri Tyall memorial award for all round best student runners up prize for the year 
3. Miss C.K. Kausukutty & Dr. Kaushik for securing highest marks in B. Sc. (H) Mathematics III year.
4. Miss C.K. Kausukutty & Dr. R. Jha, Sh. C.D. Arora, Prof. Ram Kumar Memorial Award. 
5. Sh. Harbans Lal Bansal, Smt. Swarn Arora, Smt Kalawati Mittal Memorial Award. 
6. Pt. Kundan Lal Chaturvedi, Sh. Prem K. Seth Memorial Award. 
7. Smt. Maya Devi Bhardhwaj , Dr. R. Jha Memorial Award. 
8. Dr. R. Jha Memorial Award For W.D.C. 
9. Smt. Kaushalya Devi Bhardhwaj Memorial Prize. 
10. Smt. Radha Rani Memorial for most entrepreneurial in Food Technology. 
11. Smt. Nisha Rani Devi and Smt. Phoolwati Saxena Award for All Round Best student in Food 
12. Sh. D.P. Ganguli and Smt. Satya Devi Bansal Memorial Award. 
13. Sh. G.L. Sharma & Smt. Veena Sharma Memorial Award for Physically Challenged student. 
14. Sh. M.R. Jain and Smt. Nagini Devi Memorial Award for best participation in the activities of  Sanrakshan: The Society of Environmental Awareness. 
15. Sh. D.N. Malik Memorial Award. 
16. Sh. Raghunandan Prasad Sharma Memorial Award. 
17. Sh. Kishan Lal Sharma & Dr. B.R. Khanjio Memorial Award. 
18. Sh. S.L. Pani Memorial Award for Proficiency in Sanskrit.
19. Sh. L.N. Saxena Memorial Award for Best Reciter in Sanskrit. 
20. Sh. L.N. Saxena Memorial Award for Best Debater in Sanskrit. 
21. Smt. Kalawati Bhutani Memorial Award for Mantra Recitation 
22. Best Article in Magzine for Sanskrit. 
23. Award for Securing Highest Marks in MA (Pre.) 
24. Prof. Ram Kumar & Prof. Tilak Raj Memorial Award. 
25. Dr. B.R. Khanjio and Smt. Kaushalya Gulati Memorial Award For Highest Marks in History 
26. Sh. Banke Bihari Bhatnagar & Sh. P.K. Seth Samriti Puraskar. 
27. Sh. P.K. Seth and Smt. Lakshmi Bai Gorawara Memorial Award. 
28. V.K. Chaturvedi Memorial Award for Scoring Highest Marks in Hindi. 
29. Smt. Jaswant Kaur Grover Memorial for Scoring Highest Marks in Punjabi A. 
30. Sh. Kartar Singh Memorial Award for Scoring Highest Marks in Punjabi B. 
31. Mrs Usha Jain Memorial Award for Highest Marks in Food Technology. 
32. Sh. R.R. Aggarwal Memorial Award. 
33. Sh.Basant Lal Bhutani Memorial for on spot Essay Writing Competition. 
34. Mr. Jai Pal and Mrs. Kamal Ahluwalia Memorial Award for Best Performance in Dramatics. 
35. Mrs. Padam Rastogi Running Trophy for the Best Sports Woman. 
36. Mr. Jai Pal and Mrs. Kamal Ahluwalia Memorial Prize for the Best Performance in Sports, Sh. Deepak Phukan Running Trophy for All Round Best Sports Woman and Sh. R.L. Banerjee Memorial Award. 
37. Smt. Satya Devi Mem. Award for Scoring Highest Marks in BDP. 
38. Prof. Lalit K. Bhutani Memorial Award. 
39. Dr.Sohan Lal Gulati Memorial Award. 
40. Mrs. Prakashwati Memorial Award for Highest Marks in Logic paper. 
41. Sh. C.B. Gupta Memorial Prize for Highest Marks in Income Tax paper. 
42. Sh. B.S. Jain Memorial Prize for Scoring Highest Marks in Macroeconomics. 
43. Sh. U.S. Bhatnagar Memorial Prize For Scoring Highest Marks in Corporate Accounting in B. Com. (H) 
44. Mrs Shakuntala Devi Memorial Prize for Best Performance in ADC. 
45. Best NSS Student. 
46. Smt. Churamani Memorial Prize for Best Performance in Music. 
47. Sh. Jawahar Lal Ojha Memorial Prize for Scoring Highest Marks in Paper Elements of Philosophy. 
48. Sina and Victor Kaul Memorial Prize for Overall Topper. 
49. Sh. H.R. Puri & Smt. Kamla Puri Award for Scoring Highest Marks in United Nations Paper. 
50. Best Article in Punjabi. 
51. Sh. Lalit Mohan Kaul and Smt. Roopan Kaul Memorial Prize For Scoring Highest Marks in Political Science (Differently Abled (Visually)). 
52. The Best All Round NCC Cadet Prize.