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Sports Admission





The  Colleges  have  to  notify  well  in  advance,  the  actual  number  of  seats  under  Sports  Quota (supernumerary) and requirement of sportspersons in different Games/ Sports with the respective Position / Event / Weight Category on their College Website and Notice Board. The same would also be notified on the website of University of Delhi. All the  constituent  colleges will follow the  following  guidelines  for  admission  to  various  undergraduate  programmes  on  the  basis  of Sports:

1.     The applicants are required to fill  the online application form available on the University of Delhi portal.

2.     The  charges  for  registration  will  be  Rs.  100/-  in  addition  to  charges  for  (UR/OBC/SC/ST/PwD) registration.

3.     The  applicants are required to upload only the  self-attested  highest  sports  certificate issued from May 22, 2014 to May 21, 2017 in each sport/game they wish to apply.

The admission under sports quota will be based on  (a)  with sports  trial and (b)  super category direct admission without sports trial.

Super Category: Direct Admission without Sports Trials

(Category A-1 of the enclosed Criteria for Marking of Sports Certificates) 

Sportspersons who have represented India in the under-mentioned Competition(s), recognized and funded  by  the Ministry  of  Youth  Affairs  and  Sports  (MYAS)  will  be  given  Direct Admission without Sports Trial

Ø  Olympic Games by International Olympic Committee

Ø  World Championships/World Cup  under  International Sports Federations  (ISFs)

Ø  Asian Games by Olympic Council of Asia

Ø  Asian  Championships  under  International  Sports  Federations 

Ø  Commonwealth Games by Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF)

Ø  Paralympic Games by International Paralympic Committee (IPC).

Ø  South Asian Games (SAG) by South Asian Sports Council (SASC)

Admission on the Basis of Sports Trials

(Categories  A-2,  B-1,  B-2,  B-3,  C-1,  C-2,  D  of  the  enclosed  Criteria  for  Marking  of  Sports Certificates)

A. Maximum 40 Marks for Sports Certificate

Ø  The enclosed Criteria for Marking of Sports Certificates displays marks for different levels of position and/ or participation in various sports competitions.

Ø  Sports  Certificate  of  Invitational  /  Memorial  /  Open  /  Prize  Money  League  /  Ranking competitions will not be considered.

Ø  Only the highest Sports Certificate will be considered for Marking.

Ø  Sports Certificate of only preceding three years will be considered before 22nd May 2014 to 21st May 2017 .

Ø  The  level  of  competency  of  the Applicant will  be  determined  for  those  who  have  achieved distinction only during the preceding three years in those Games/ Sports recognized by AIU / MYAS in which Inter-University Competitions are held and preference given by the colleges.

Ø  Applicant should upload self -attested copy of Sports Certificate.

B.  Maximum 60 Marks for Sports Trial 

Sports Trial includes Game/ Sport Specific Fitness, Fundamental Skills and Overall Playing Ability.

Ø  The Applicant should  go  through  the  notifications  issued  by  the  Constituent  Colleges  and University of Delhi on their Website.

Ø  The College will conduct Sports Trial for a specific Game/ Sport identified by Delhi University Sports Council (DUSC).

Ø  The College identified for conducting Sports Trial for a specific Game/ Sport and not having facilities may contact DUSC by giving advance information.

Ø  The College should video-graph the Sports Trial.

Ø  The Applicant must secure minimum 30 marks in the Sports Trial to be eligible for admission on the basis of Sports.

C.  Composition  of  the  Sports  Admission  Committee  for  specific  Sport(s)/Game(s)     identified  by DUSC:

Ø  Chairperson : Principal

Ø  Convener : Teacher in-charge, Department of Physical Education

Ø  Experts  :  Three  to  be  nominated  by  the  Chairperson  (Principal)  from  the  confidential  list  sent  by DUSC

Ø  Nominee : Delhi University Sports Council

Ø  Nominee : Vice Chancellor (Observer)

Separate marking shall be done by each Expert of the Sports Admission Committee.


1.     The allotment of programme to the eligible applicants shall conform to University regulations and  will  be  the  sole  responsibility  of  the  College  and  may  be  finalized  by  the Sports Admission Committee of the College which will include:

a.     Chairperson: Principal

b.     Convener: Teacher in-charge, Department of Physical Education

c.     Member/s: Teacher/s, Department of Physical Education.

d.      Nominee: One faculty member of the Staff Council

2.     The Sports Admission Committee of the College shall :

a.     Screen the application form uploaded by the Applicant

b.     Verify original Sports Certificate of the applicants as per marks allotted by DUSC 

3.     In  Case  of Tie: Applicants securing  same  marks  in  the  same  game/  sport  eligible  to  take admission  in  the  same programme/  college,  may  be  resolved  by  the  Sports  Admission Committee of the College, considering the following order:

a.     Higher marks obtained in Sports Trial

b.     Higher marks in Sports Certificate

In case, the Tie still persists, all the applicants may be admitted.

4.     The  list  of  finally  selected applicants containing  marks  of  the  Sports  Certificates  and  Sports Trials along with programme allotted shall be displayed on the Website and Notice Board of  the  College  for  three  days  to  take  cognizance  of  the  grievances,  if  any. The  Grievance Committee  of  the  College  must  resolve  all  the  grievances within  next  three  working  days before admitting the applicants.

5.     The list (soft and hard copy) of finally admitted applicants on the basis of Sports shall be sent to DUSC within seven days from the last date of admission of the University.

6.     The College shall maintain proper record of the applicants admitted on the basis of Sports. 

7.     The Applicant as per their age must be eligible to participate in Inter-University Competitions for the next three years and should not be employed Part-time / Full-time anywhere.

8.     Any  injury/  casualty  caused  to  the Applicant  during  Sports  Trials  shall  be  the  sole responsibility of the Applicant.

9.     It is  mandatory  to  submit  an  Undertaking on  Non-Judicial  Stamp  Paper  of  Rs.  100/- by  the Applicant at the time of admission stating that he/she will play for the College and University during their Under-Graduate programme of study.

Disclaimer: College reserves the right to change the number and nature of specific game/ sport and their  respective  position/  event/  weight  category  depending  upon  the  availability  of applicants at any stage of admission.

 Note :

Kkindly go to for criteria       for marking of sports certificate          and for the list of GAME/SPORTS of the constituent colleges. 

Ø  Sports Certificate of Invitational / Memorial / Open / Prize Money League / Ranking competitions will not be considered.

Ø   Only the highest Sports Certificate will be considered for Marking.

Ø  Sports  Certificate  of only  preceding  three  years  will  be  considered  before  the  starting  of  the  Online Registration on the UG Admission Portal of DU.

Ø  Applicant should upload Self-Attested copy of Sports Certificate.