Sanrakshan- the society for environmental awareness, is one of the most active and vibrant societies of Lakshmibai College. The society is aimed at spreading environmental awareness to all through various events. 
Following events were organized during 2015-16 by SANRAKSHAN:
1. Oath taking ceremony was held in the college campus on 21st July, 2015 on ‘Clean India’ under Swachh Bharat Abhiyan.
2. Rangoli competition was held on the same day (21st July, 2015) which saw enthusiastic participation of the students.
3. Poster/banner making competition was held on the theme “Restoration of degraded land” on 25th August 2015. 
4. A workshop on the topic “Inculcating the Water Wudgeting habits” was held on 16th September 2015. 
Both these events were held in collaboration with Centre for Advanced Research on Development and Change, New Delhi. The programs were addressed by Dr. Sushma Aggarwal.
5. In the month of September, Wall Painting event was held within the college campus in collaboration with an organization Sundaram Creating Beauty. This event was held in two rounds under the theme “Swachh Bharat and Better India”. Around 200 students actively participated and painted the college campus wall.
6. Sanrakshan conducted a Cleaniness drive in the college with help of student volunteers.
Our future plans are:
a) A visit to Bio Diversity Park
b) Skit Competition