Knowledge Ecosystem

  • The Knowledge Eco System(KES) of Lakshmibai College, encourages and fosters research-oriented mindset to dwell deeper into the pool of path-breaking knowledge. It aims to create, manage and produce varying discourses of research and to open a knowledge sharing network.

  •  KES actively empowers the dialogue of Bharatiya Knowledge Systems through its Webinar Series. 

  • It caters to the nature, philosophy and character of 'Gurukulam' to deliberate and slog beyond the traditional concept of knowledge in order to acquire a multidisciplinary charisma. Our 'Gurukulam' includes a panel of 21 esteemed Experts for mentoring of mentors for academic and research initiatives.  The Knowledge Eco System consists of three Units under its nourishing umbrella.

  • The Knowledge Creation Cell hosts series of Webinars to nurture larger discussions of Bharatiya Knowledge Systems for a holistic understanding and interpretation.  

  • The Knowledge Production Cell works on  Transcriptions and Reports to build a repository of knowledge. 

  • The Knowledge Management Cell caters to the  effective and strategic distribution and dissemination of knowledge across spectrums.

Webinars Conducted