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Enactus-LBC, is a student-run and student-operated, not-for-profit entity. It is born out of a shared commitment towards creating a better world, among a group of like-minded students. This team offers a spirited attitude, with a determination to make a difference and are defined by highest standards of integrity and ethics.

Under the aegis of Enactus-India, Enactus-LBC is running a social enterprise project by the name ‘Stitching the Change’. With head for business and heart for the society, the project is aimed at creating social enterprise options for females OF Sawan Park Basti, belonging to financially deprived sections of the society; promoting female empowerment through sustainable living. The project is based on the 4R model of reduce, reform, replace and renew. The project begins with reducing the wastage of fabric that is usually disposed off and finds its way to the landfills and reforming the otherwise non-usable cut-piece fabric into a usable end-product, promoting a zero-waste fashion. We intend to convert these cut-pieces into useful and reusable products like different variety of bags and pouches. This end product will be instrumental in replacing the use of plastic, especially single-use ones such as carry bags. Connecting the dots, we aim at contributing towards renewal of climate for a sustainable and better future.

Acute poverty and related vulnerabilities force these women to work in the informal sector, for irregular time-intervals and at exorbitant levels of exploitation by the middlemen, resulting in negligible returns. Stitching being their forte, project ‘Stitching the Change’ can ensure a perennial income flow for them. Our team will help them procure raw-material (fabric cut-piece) at low cost. Stitching useful products, they will convert otherwise unusable; yet fresh fabric into usable finished products (pouches, bags, cushion covers, etc.). The project works with a broad purpose of creating employment for the marginalised females at Sawan Park Extn. Basti but simultaneously aims at creating a three-pronged impact factor. These are environmental impact (Reduction in cloth waste & plastic use), economic impact (Employment and income generation) and social impact (Women empowerment and human development).

Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Cell

“When India speaks of becoming self-reliant, it advocates a concern for the whole world’s happiness, cooperation and peace” PM Shri Narendra Modi

Entrepreneurial success requires the ability to develop and offer something unique to the marketplace. Overtime, entrepreneurship has come to be associated with creativity, offering something original, more so in the sense of an idea or its representation.

The CIE Cell Lakshmi Bai College operates under the mandate of the Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyaan is the vision of a new India envisaged by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The aim of the Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan is to make the country and its citizens independent and self-reliant in all senses. This will make India self-reliant by creating an ecosystem that will allow Indian companies to be highly competitive on the global stage. Our vision is streamlined with the pan India campaign.

We aim to impart entrepreneurship skills, experiential learning, out-of-the-box thinking that leads to innovation, soft skills training, and stimulate creativity among the students.  The Cell  encourages the students to bring and test new ideas/initiatives, thereby honing their creativity skills and enhancing their risk bearing capabilities. It also aims to create and nurture an incubation center to mentor budding start-ups which can be established and run as successful businesses.  The purpose of the Cell is to empower students by providing the experiences of an entrepreneurial journey through various projects.

The College is registered with the Institution Innovation Council (IIC) under the Ministry of Education, for systematically fostering a culture of innovation along with other Higher Educational Institutions(HEIs) registered with the IIC.

The three main initiatives of CIE cell are: Launch of Goodwill Store and establishment of the Enactus chapter in the college under social responsibility. Another major initiative was the development of brand Parampara under Udhyamita Vikas Kendra. The product division of brand Parampara includes Dhoop Batti, Sambrani Hawan Cups, Vermicompost, Pure Honey, Bio-enzymes, Mushroom cultivation, Nutri Bite, and Red Dot which are running successfully.

The Cell collaborated with various organizations for successful running of various projects. Under the Dhoop Batti and Sambrani Havan Cups projects, the cell collaborated with Aryavart Vaidic Chikitsalaya Pvt. Ltd. There was an MOU signed with the non-profit organization Sewa Bharti for eco-friendly packaging of the Vermi-compost. For this, the college organised a Donation Drive for collection of used cloth for raw material. Bio-enzymes are prepared with orange peel, jaggery and water in plastic bottles which are collected through donation drives and hence the Cell makes efforts to reduce the carbon footprint. Nutri-Bite, another product under the Parampara brand, focuses on food healthy intake. Under the Red Dot Project, reusable cloth sanitary napkins are prepared by the students. Mushroom cultivation and Honey Bee farming are other two projects which are underway.

The students of CIE Cell conducted various workshops, webinars and events to promote different skill sets. Some of the workshops, webinars and events held were: Rangreza:  Disc Painting Competition (Oct. 2021), Mandala Workshop (Aug. 2021), Painting Therapy (Oct. 2021); Prarambh: About the Balance (Jan 2022), Campus to Corporate (Oct. 2021), Finatomy (Sept. 2021) ; Markedge:  Investocks (Oct. 2021), Meme War (Jan. 2022), Start-O-Mania (Jan. 2022), Build USP as a Marketer (Aug. 2021), Your Style In It (Oct. 2021); Alanza: Business Conclave.

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