Department of History

Department of History Report 2017-18

The department of History is as old as the college, which was established in 1965. The department offers both B.A. Honors (FYUP, Semester Scheme & CBCS) and B.A. Program Courses (Semester Scheme & CBCS). It also offers Inter-Disciplinary Concurrent Courses (Semester Scheme), Discipline Centered Concurrent Courses (Semester Scheme), Generic Courses (CBCS), etc. Currently, the department has nine permanent faculty members in the capacities of Assistant Professors (out of this one is on study leave), around 260 B.A. (Honors) students (all 3 years together) and 330 B.A. Program students (of 1st & 2nd years) who have opted History as Discipline Course. The current sanctioned CAP of the department is 10.5. As such, the department has one Ad hoc teacher (as per the CAP), one Ad hoc teacher (against leave vacancy) and one guest faculty. 

Department of History Report 2016-17